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25 New Year Resolutions and Tips to Build a Better You


New Year’s Resolutions. The Elephant in the room. To make them, to not make them.  Every New year hundreds of thousands of individuals participate in the worlds most failed challenge. We start the new year motivated to make ourselves our very best- so how is it that a majority of us fall off this energy high by week two. Fact one- it takes roughly 21 days to form new habits. Fact two- we set goals that cause us to be unhappy before we even begin. Fact three- we set goals because “we have too”. Maybe 2017 was a great year for you. Don’t change your momentum- add to it. Below is a list of 25 beneficial and easy resolutions that are designed to help build on your own goals.  


  1.  Keep a notepad next to your bed- don’t let those ideas slip under your pillow. Read them in the morning and decide which ones to keep. Track your progress. 
  2. Explore your local community- whether it’s a new restaurant, community event, or animal shelter.  
  3. Savor each bite of food. Let your taste buds roam. 
  4. Call loved ones at least once a week. Don’t let that be a 2018 regret. 
  5. Self-Care: look good- feel good- work good. 
  6. Set your goals around you. Put a picture of the new car you want in your car now or as your phone’s screen saver. Reminding yourself on a daily basis of what you want allows yourself to be more aware on cutting back on spending or not eating those fries. 
  7. Drink more water- good health, good skin, more energy. Track how much you drink now and slowly progress, even if its adding a couple ounces a day. Don’t overwhelm yourself, still enjoy your coffee and tea.  
  8. Prioritize breakfast- even a granola bar is better than nothing. 
  9. Learn a new language.  
  10. Expand your music playlist. Listen to new artist or try a new genre.  
  11. Move more- park further away from the grocery store, take the stairs not the elevator. 
  12. Travel- Even if it’s a state over. You’ll be surprised how much a weekend vacation can change you. 
  13. Take one day out of the month and completely detox for social media, phone, emails. Spend it with a loved one or a good book. 
  14. Start your days earlier and take one day to sleep in every week. Saturdays are always a good day to sleep in. 
  15. Try one new thing every week. Whether it’s changing your coffee order or trying a new place to grocery shop. That is a potential of 52 new things you may find that you actually like, or like more.  
  16. Quit one small bad habit.  
  17. Smile when someone preforms customer service. Happiness is a chain reaction- starting with you. 
  18. Clean out your email once every month.  
  19. Clean out your closet. If you haven’t worn it or touched it in 6 months- sell or donate it. 
  20. Go meatless for a day. Focus on vegetables and other sources of protein. 
  21. Stretch in the mornings before you start your day. 
  22.  Keep a drawer/basket of 2018 memory.
  23. Start a new relationship.
  24. Complete a money savings challenge and take the money to purchase something to benefit you in 2019. 
  25. Leave no stone unturned. Don’t go to bed with a regret. Don’t start a day on negative energy. Be 100% honest with yourself and invest 100% in the things you love.  


Monday. January 1, 2018. Make it the beginning of the very best you. No more excuses. Picture yourself at this time next year- having achieved and bettering yourself. Remember that feeling and relive it every day until it comes true.  

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